Aims & Objectives

Students are expected to develop knowledge and understanding of: 
  • the reasons why people travel and how the tourism and hospitality industry meets travellers' needs; 
  • the interdisciplinary and diverse nature of the tourism and hospitality industry including tourist destinations, infrastructure and superstructures; 
  • local and international tourism and hospitality trends and issues, and their social, economic and environmental impact.
Students are expected to cultivate positive values and attitudes that will enable them to: 
  • be willing to introduce local tourism resources to tourists; 
  • appreciate and respect the tourism resources of other places when they are tourists themselves; 
  • reflect on the role of tourist-host relationships and develop an appreciation of other cultures, customs and beliefs; 
  • appreciate the importance of integrity and ethical behaviour in the tourism and hospitality industry, and apply this to daily life situations.

Department Members

Department Head

Ms. Lai H

Curriculum (Senior Form)

I. Introduction to Tourism 
II. Introduction to Hospitality
III. Destination Geography 
IV. Customer Relations and Services
V. Trends and Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry


Macau Study Tour

Students took part in a hotel and tourism programme organized by the Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau in April 2018.

Visit to Intercontinental Hotel

Students visited a famous hotel, Intercontinental Hong Kong.

Visit to The Peninsula Hong Kong

Students visited The Peninsula Hong Kong.

Table Manner Workshop

Students learn about table manner of a formal dining occasion through demonstrations and practices.

Cathay Pacific City Visit

Students visited the Cathay Pacific Airline Headquarters.

Visit to Hotel Indigo

Students visited a boutique hotel named Hotel Indigo in Wan Chai.