Aims & Objectives

The aims of Liberal Studies are: 
  • to enhance students' understanding of themselves, their society, their nation, the human world and the physical environment; 
  • to enable students to develop multiple perspectives on perennial and contemporary issues in different contexts (e.g. cultural, social, economic, political and technological contexts); 
  • to help students become independent thinkers so that they can construct knowledge appropriate to changing personal and social circumstances; 
  • to develop in students a range of skills for life-long learning, including critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, communication skills and information technology skills; 
  • to help students appreciate and respect diversity in cultures and views in a pluralistic society and handle conflicting values; and 
  • to help students develop positive values and attitude towards life, so that they can become informed and responsible citizens of society, the country and the world. 

Department Members

Department Head

Ms. Wan MY


Ms. Chau HW, Mr. Choi KY, Ms. Ho YY, Mr. Kwok KF, Ms. Lam HN, Mr. Lee KC, Ms. Wong SW

Curriculum (Senior Form)

Self and Personal Development 自我與個人成長
Module 1: Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships 
Society and Culture 社會與文化
Module 2: Hong Kong Today
Module 3: Modern China
Module 4: Globalization
Science, Technology and the Environment 科學、科技與環境
Module 5: Public Health
Module 6: Energy Technology and the Environment
Independent Enquiry Study 獨立專題探究
In conducting the IES, students are expected to draw on their learning in the Areas of Study, and apply relevant knowledge, perspectives and skills to investigate a contemporary issue that is not covered directly in the six modules.


Exploration Tour on Heyuan Environmental Protection

Visiting the Street Sleepers

Disney Explorative Course on Globalization

Teen Talk (Mock Council)

Teen Talk (Basic Law Quiz)

Elderly Simulation Experiential Learning