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Aims & Objectives

  • To discover where the students stand in the contemporary world through understanding the origins and development of modern events;
  • To develop the skills of critical thinking, making sound judgments and effective communication through exploring historical issues;
  • To approach the past and current events in an impartial and empathetic manner by using a variety of perspectives;
  • To understand the characteristics and values of students' own culture, appreciate the shared humanity and common problems of people around the world;
  • To cultivate both national consciousness and the consciousness of being citizens of the global community to become rational and sensible members of the local community, the nation and the world; and
  • To be prepared to explore in greater depth an issue of personal interest, or one that may be of relevance to students' future careers and professional studies.

Department Members

Department Head: Ms. Chan Nga Yan
Teachers: Mr. Leung Hui Yin, Mr. Lam Chak Wa

Curriculum (Junior Form)

Form 1:

Journey through History_Ancient Times

  • Early civilizations_The Egyptian civilizations  
  • Ancient Greco-Roman civilizations 
  • Islamic civilizations 
  • Rural life of Hong Kong 

Form 2:

Journey through History _Transition to Modern Times

  • Renaissance 
  • The French Revolution 
  • The founding and development of the United States 
  • Growth and development of Hong Kong up to the late 19th century 

Form 3:

Journey through History _ History in the Twentieth century 

  • The First World War 
  • The Second World War
  • Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during the Second World War

Curriculum (Senior Form)

Form 4:

Modernization and Transformation of China 

  • Early attempts at Modernization - Reforms and Revolutions 
  • Socialist Modernization in the Maoist Period and Post-Mao Period 

The Two World Wars and the Peace Settlement

  • The outbreak of the First World War
  • Causes of the Second World War

Form 5: 

Major Conflicts after the Second World War and Attempts to Make Peace

  • The Cold War and detente 
  • Other major conflicts and attempts at making peace

Modernization and Transformation of China 

  • Early attempts at Modernization - Reforms and Revolutions

Form 6: 

Modernization and Transformation of China 

  • Socialist Modernization in the Maoist Period and Post-Mao Period 

Modernization and Transformation of Japan 

  • Modernization of Japan in the early 20th century
  • Reconstruction and growth after the Second World War 
  • Revision and preparation for the HKDSE
  • Drilling of past paper questions 
  • Reinforcement of exam strategies



Oral History Interview Project about the Kowloon History

(jointly organized by the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals)

Visit to Hong Kong Coastal Defence Museum


Fertile Crescent Exhibition


Historical Heritage Tour of Kowloon City


A Talk about the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong

Outings of Learning History of Christianity in Hong Kong


影像歷史:香港歷史文化遊 路線設計比賽