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E&RE / Religious Studies

Aims & Objectives

  • To familiarise students with the core Christian values and the way of Christian living
  • To nurture a positive attitude in life
  • To evaluate pop cultures and secular social values

Department Members

Department Head: Wu Oi Yan Shera
Teachers: Chan Yan Yan Katherine, Lam Siu Mui

Curriculum (Junior Form)

Form 1

  • To get to know about the biblical figures in the Old Testament
  • To apply Christian core values demonstrated by the biblical figures in life
  • Related core values: Self-confidence and Stepping out of one’s Comfort Zone

Form 2

  • To get to know about the life of Jesus and His teachings, and to develop virtues and good values by following Jesus’ footsteps
  • Related core values: Humility and Self-control

Form 3

  • To learn about the grace and power from Jesus’ crucifixion and to explore Jesus’ sacrificial love for mankind
  • Related core values: Love and Forgiveness

Curriculum (Senior Form)

  •  To relate the knowledge gained from studying the Bible to everyday life
  • To nurture a heart for others and to practise positivity upon reflection and examination of biblical values

Form 4

  • To explore issues related to love, sex and marriage from the perspective of the Christian faith so as to guide students to develop positive beliefs about love, sex and marriage
  • Related core values: Holiness and Purity

Form 5

  • To identify the bonding between oneself and the community based on the Christian faith
  • To understand the origin of life and to acknowledge God as the Creator of the world, and thus to show respect for others and all living creatures
  • Related core values: Compassion and a Dedication to Service

Form 6

  • To enhance students’ capabilities to embrace challenges by seeing the faithfulness of Jesus Christ
  • To find one’s purpose in life based on the Christian faith and through the Lord
  • Related core values: Gratitude and Hope


Activity-based Learning


In-class Group Discussion                     Presentation of Ideas


Starting Each Lesson with a Prayer           Sharing from SKH Pastoral Assistant


Visit to Holy Trinity Cathedral


Visited by Christian Union