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Life and Society

Aims & Objectives

The aims of Life and Society are: 

  • to develop in students a positive self-understanding, enhance competence to meet daily and future challenges, and pursue their goals and aspirations; 
  • to enable students to make decisions for the optimal use of personal and community resources; 
  • to develop students to become informed and responsible citizens so that they can contribute to the development of a caring and just society; and 
  • to cultivate student’s sensitivity, interests and concern for local, national and global issues.

Department Members

Department Head: Mr. Lam Chak Wa

Teachers: Ms. Fong Ka Lam Karen, Mr. Li Yip Hei, Ms. Wong Wing Tung


Curriculum (Junior Form)

Form One

  • Personal Growth – Self-understanding and a Positive Life
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
  • Upholding the Core Values of our society
  • Hong Kong Government and I

Form Two

  • Public Finance
  • Economic Performance of Hong Kong
  • An Overview of the Chinese Economy
  • Life of Chinese nationals
  • Chinese Political System

Form Three

  • Globalization
  • Global Citizenship and Humanitarian Work
  • China’s Step Forward to the World


Basic Law Quiz Competition


Frugal Living Experiential Activity on Elderly Poverty