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Gifted Education


  • To nourish gifted / high ability students through a variety of gifted development programmes and events.
  • To explore and unleash the potentials of gifted students.

Rationale and Principles of Gifted Education Policy at BHJS

  • Exploring students' thinking and creativity abilities and social skills should be the foci of gifted education. 
  • Stretching students’ potential and striving for excellence.

The Three-tier Implementation Model for Gifted Education

Talent Pool

  • A talent pool has been set up at BHJS. Teachers are invited to nominate students to the Gifted Education Committee for follow-up.

Some Highlights of Gifted Education Programmes & Events

English Language:
World Scholars' Cup(F.1-4)、Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition(F.1-5)、Hong Kong Schools Mock Trial and Mooting Competition(F.2-5)、Hong Kong Secondary Schools Model United Nations Conference(F.3-4)

Chinese Language:

  • Chinese Language Elites Scheme(F.1-3)
  • “Heng Yuan Xiang Stars of Literature” Secondary Schools Chinese Writing Competition (F.1-5)
  • Hu Lian Hu Tong Greater China Teenagers Chinese Writing Competition (F.1-6)
  • World Secondary Schools Debate Competition (Malaysia)(F.3-5)
  • Cultural Cup(F.5)
  • Hong Kong School Drama Festival(F.1-5)


  • Enrichment Programme for Young Mathematics Talents (CUHK) (F.4-5)
  • HKU Summer Program(F. 4-5)
  • HKUST Dual Program(F.3-5)
  • Hong Kong Mathematics Creative Problem Solving Competition for Secondary Schools(F.1-2)
  • Hong Kong Youth Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest(F.3)
  • Mathematics Olympiad(F.4-5)
  • Senior Secondary Mathematics and Science Competition (Poly U)(F.4-5)
  • World Class Tests(F.1-5)


  • Caring the Socially Vulnerable Groups – Innovative Technology Design Competition(F.5)
  • HKUST Dual Program (F.4-5)
  • Hong Kong Budding Scientists Award (F.3-5)
  • Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad for Secondary Schools(F.4-5)
  • Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition (F.2-5)
  • Senior Secondary Mathematics and Science Competition (Poly U)(F.4-5)
  • International Science Junior Olympiad (IJSO)(F.2-3)
  • Project Alpha(F.1-5)

Leadership Enhancement:

  • Qingyuan Service-Learning Experience Programme(F.4-5)
  • Leadership Training Scheme for School Prefects(F.3-5)
  • Leadership Training Scheme for Students Union Committee Members(F.4-5)


  • Odyssey of the Mind Competition(F.2-5)
  • Hong Kong Youth Music Interflow(F.1-3)
  • Winter Choral Festival (F.1-6)
  • Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival(F.1-6)
  • Hong Kong School Music Festival (F.1-6)
  • Joint School Music Competition(F.1-6)
  • A.S. Watson Hong Kong Student Sports Awards(F.4-6)