Growing and Glowing We Soldier On
Our Mission to a sustainable future
We live yet we serve, We serve yet we learn
We rejoice in the knowledge of God's truth

Principal’s Message

      Welcome to Bishop Hall Jubilee School! I hope this website will help you understand more about the rich and versatile school life experience of our students. 

      Established in 1961 by Sheng Kung Hui, Bishop Hall Jubilee School (BHJS) has been committed to providing quality whole-person education to both boys and girls. The school aims to instill Christian values so that all students will graduate as well-rounded individuals.BHJS has adopted Bishop Hall’s family motto, “I Am Not Born for Myself Alone” as our school motto. We strive to inspire our students to emulate Bishop Hall, who dedicated his whole life to serving the people of Hong Kong and China. We hope to nurture all Jubileans to become servant leaders who love and serve the community.

      Our school views every student as a precious and unique individual with good potential, striving for excellence in academic studies and other pursuits. All Jubileans are encouraged to embrace a growth mindset and equip themselves with lifelong learning abilities to navigate the rapidly changing world. They are also given multifaceted learning, leadership and service opportunities both locally and overseas to unleash their potential and nurture them to be future leaders with a global perspective.

      We have a team of caring and devoted staff at BHJS who are dedicated to providing quality education and exceptional learning experiences to students. To better equip our students for the ever-changing world, we have developed a tailor-made school-based curriculum that encourages self-directed learning. Our featured curricula – Literature & Language Arts and STEAM education are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for the 21st century.

      The Jubilean community strives to provide an inclusive learning community which promotes respect, kindness, and compassion. With the Grace of God, the commitment of our dedicated staff and the unwavering support from parents and alumni, our students will continue to grow and flourish,  becoming healthy and compassionate future leaders of our society.

Ms Law King Yuk Vicky