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ICT / Computer Literacy

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide students with a body of essential knowledge, concepts and applications of information, communication and computer systems;
  • To equip students with problem-solving and communications skills, and encourage them to think critically and creatively;
  • To develop students into competent, effective, discriminating, ethical and confident users of ICT, so as to support their lifelong learning;
  • To provide students with opportunities to appreciate the impact of ICT on our knowledge-based society, so as to nurture in them positive values and attitudes towards this area.

Department Members

Department Head

Ms. Yau Bik Kan


Mr. Cheng Chun Hin, Mr. Yu Yiu Tong


Curriculum (Junior Form)

Form 1

  • IT Systems Onboarding
  • G Suite / Google Education (Gmail, Google Drive)
  • Creating a Strong and Memorable Password
  • 2D and 3D Graphics, 3D Modelling and Printing, Tinkercad Codeblock
  • Word Processing 
  • Physical Computing by Micro:Bit

Form 2

  • Physical Computing by Micro:Bit (Advanced) - Smart Home Project
  • Digital Video Production
  • App Development
  • Spreadsheet

Form 3

  • Python Programming
  • A world of AI
  • An overview of New Technology
  • Database

All Junior Forms

  • English and Chinese Typing
  • Digital Literacy and Citizenship


Curriculum (Senior Form)

With  effect from Secondary 4 in 2022/23 school year, leading to the 2025 HKDSE examination and onwards

Compulsory Part

The Compulsory Part

A. Information Processing

a. Introduction to Information Processing

b. Data Organisation and Data Control

c. Data Representation

d. Data Manipulation and Analysis


B. Computer System Fundamentals

a. Basic Machine Organisation

b. System Software


C. Internet and its Applications

a. Networking and Internet Basics

b. Internet Services and Applications

c. Elementary Web Authoring

d. Threats and Security on the Internet


D. Computational Thinking and Programming

a. Problem-Formulation and Analysis

b. Algorithm Design

c. Program Development

d. Program Testing and Debugging


E. Social Implications

a. Technological Innovations

b. Health and Ethical Issues

c. Intellectual Property


Elective Part

A. Databases


C. Algorithm and Programming



With effect from Secondary 6 in 2023/24 school year, leading to the 2024 HKDSE examination

Compulsory Part

A.   Information Processing

a. Introduction to Information Processing

b. Data Organisation and Data Control 

c. Data Representation 

d. The Use of Office Automation Software 

e. Presentation of Information


B.   Computer System Fundamentals

a. Basic Machine Organisation

b. System Software

c. Computer Systems


C.   Internet and its Applications

a. The Networking and Internet Basics 

b. Internet Services and Applications 

c. Elementary Web Authoring


D.   Basic Programming Concepts

a. Problem-Solving Procedures 

b. Algorithm Design

c. Algorithm Testing


E.   Social Implications

a. Equity of Access

b. Work and Health Issues 

c. Intellectual Property 

d. Threats and Security on the Internet


Elective Part

C. Multimedia Production and Web Site Development 


D. Software Development



 IT Voluntery Service by YITAA

 MS Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

IEEE STEM Conference

Chinese Typing Competition 全港學界中文打字達人2022

AI Fun Day For F1 students

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

STEM Activity at Primary School

Python Application Challenge 2022

STEM Workshop and A visit to 5G Lab

A vist to a Flight Simulation center


Future Living Exhibition for the 65th anniversary of the Shun Hing Electronic

Fun With Learning

Innovative Technology Design Competition

Master Code - Al Challenge Weather Forecast Competition

Talk on Future World and Development of Technology in China

GirlSpark Infinite

A visit to Google

Google CS First Graduation Ceremony

STEM Workshop

Musical Instrument Design Competition

Drone Competition

Study Trip to Germany

Microsoft 'An Hour of Code’ 

The Hong Kong Secondary School IT Knowledge Challenge

Python Programming Course

Python Application Challenge

RoboMaster Competition