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Christian Education

Our school aims to adopt a whole-person approach to Christian education. By nurturing Christian beliefs and values, we hope to see our students respond to the world with love, faith and hope. 

Presentations are conducted every cycle to instill proper values into students based on the Bible regularly. Besides, the Christian Union launches weekly meetings in which members study Bible scriptures, share personal feelings and pray for one another. The practice was sustained on Zoom during the school suspension, and it was equally effective in cementing the members’ relationships. Weekly practices aside, the annual Gospel Month is in place for the whole school to learn about Jesus and His great love for us. Religious events, including Eucharists held in the Alopen Chapel, are arranged for students' experience of becoming part of an Aglican church communion.


The Alopen Chapel

“Why was our Chapel at BHJS named Alopen…?” Dr. K.C. Wong Dec 2020

“In the lotus-cross we find a great symbol that the Christian Faith had been planted on Chinese soil for more than thirteen hundred years ago. We who are worshipping in this Chapel have been blessed with a very rich inheritance.”  These were the words of Canon-Theologian Lee Shiu Keung when our school celebrated the opening of the Alopen Chapel in 1963. Throughout the years, many Jubileans have been blessed with unforgettable memories through numerous sermons on the Lord’s word, fellowship meetings, group prayers and positive encouragement from one another. In many Jubileans’ hearts, the Alopen Chapel is a special and meaningful landmark as it was where they were baptized and made a lifetime commitment to follow Jesus and live a new life.

With the passing of time, signs of wear and tear had become increasingly evident in the Alopen Chapel. A full renovation was completed in June 2018 after years of dedicated planning and discussion. We were very fortunate to receive valuable support and feedback from pastors in SKH, IMC members, teachers, alumni and students. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the 1967 alumni who supported our Chapel’s renovation with their kind donations. The 1967 alumni gave special thanks to our former school chaplain, the Reverend Joyce Mary Bennett, O.B.E., J.P., for her whole-hearted and dedicated service to our school.

The renovation process of the chapel offers a valuable insight into the history of the Alopen Chapel and its distinct Chinese heritage. The newly renovated Chapel boasts a bright, clean and simple appearance while preserving its unique heritage, including the crucifix, altar, wooden pews and iron windows. The convergence of old and new makes the Alopen Chapel immediately recognisable to all Jubileans.

The Alopen Chapel is a quiet sanctuary and a source of comfort and succour for both students and teachers to pray and provide support for each other.

Before the renovation


After the renovation




Photos by Hitomi Photography - Tomi Siu (5C Graduate of year 2000)