Growing and Glowing We Soldier On
Our Mission to a sustainable future
We live yet we serve, We serve yet we learn
We rejoice in the knowledge of God's truth


Class Structure

Total Number of Classes: 30

  • Form 1: 5 classes
  • Form 2: 5 classes
  • Form 3: 5 classes
  • Form 4: 5 classes
  • Form 5: 5 classes
  • Form 6: 5 classes

1. All classes in F.1 are mixed-ability groups.

2. F.2 to F.3 classes: Class E is an all-round elite group. Classes A to D are mixed-ability groups.

3. The examination syllabi for all classes are the same. In order to cater for learner diversity, the following strategies will be adopted:

In the all-round elite group, as students possess higher academic ability, extension and certain enrichment elements will be included in the core subjects. Some challenging assignments will be incorporated in other subjects to enhance and stretch students’ learning potential.

In mixed-ability groups, the school will adopt different teaching strategies, such as conducting after-school Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics enhancement and remedial classes, to cater for learner diversity.


Curriculum - NSS Subjects

Core Subjects: English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics*, Citizenship and Social Development

Elective Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Accounting & Financial Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Chinese History, Information & Communication Technology, Tourism & Hospitality Studies, Visual Arts

Compulsory Subjects: Physical Education, Ethics and Religious Education

Course provided by off-campus institute: Music, Japanese, French, Spanish

*We offer Mathematics extended modules: Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics) and Module 2 (Algebra and Calculus). 


Medium of Instruction

As an EMI school, English is adopted as the medium of instruction except for Chinese Language, Religious Study(F.1), Chinese History and Putonghua.