Growing and Glowing We Soldier On
Our Mission to a sustainable future
We live yet we serve, We serve yet we learn
We rejoice in the knowledge of God's truth


Aims & Objectives

  • To understand the Earth they inhabit, and enable them to recognize and interpret, from a spatial perspective, the arrangement of phenomena and features on Earth, the processes at work, the interactions that occur, the changes that result, and the issues and management responses that arise;
  • To develop the general intellectual capacity and generic skills needed for lifelong learning through geographical enquiry, and the ability to apply these in life situations;
  • To appreciate the wonder, interdependence and fragility of the local and global environment, and the importance of promoting sustainable development; and
  • To develop a sense of citizenship, a global outlook, and readiness to take action for the betterment of society, the nation and the world.

Department Members

Department Head: Ms. Lam Hung Nga 
Teachers: Ms. Chan Yan Yan Katherine, Ms. Wong Sau Ming

Curriculum (Junior Form)

  • Map reading skills
  • Using land uses and sustainable city
  • Food problems
  • Changing climate and changing environment
  • Scramble for energy
  • Natural hazards
  • The trouble of water

Curriculum (Senior Form)

The Compulsory Part
A. Living with our physical environment 
(1) Opportunities and Risks – Is it rational to live in hazard-prone areas? 
(2) Managing Rivers and Coastal Environments: A continuing challenge

B. Facing changes in the human environment 
(3) Changing Industrial Location – How and why does it change over space and time? 
(4) Building a Sustainable City – Are environmental conservation and urban development mutually exclusive?

C. Confronting global challenges 
(5) Combating Famine – Is technology a panacea for food shortage? 
(6) Disappearing Green Canopy – Who should pay for the massive deforestation in rainforest regions? 
(7) Climate change – Long-term fluctuation or irreversible trend?

D. Fieldwork-based Questions

The Elective Part
(8) Dynamic Earth: the building of Hong Kong 
(9) Weather and Climate


Overseas Expeditions:
North Pole, Mount Everest, Amazon, Sabah Rainforest, Taiwan and Heyuan (Guangdong)



Service Learning: weeding in wetland, beach clean-up


Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark field trips



Local field studies camps and field trips







Workshops and talks @BHJS


Exhibitions and drama @ BHJS