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Other Learning Experiences

Our school has provided a great variety of other learning experiences to allow our students to utilise their full potential, especially in developing correct values and attitudes. In addition, other learning experiences help students to develop the ability to act independently. 

Student Union and ECA units

  • Student Union: Blue House, Green House, Red House, White House
  • Functional Groups: Christian Union, Student Activity Prefect, Student Welfare Society, Campus TV Society, Stage Support Society, School Prefects, Guidance Prefects, Moral & Civic Ed. Prefects, Career Prefects, Library Prefects, SDRS Prefects, School Magazine Society
  • Service Groups: Interact Club, Community Service Society, Environmental Ambassadors Society, Scouts, Girl Guides 
  • Academic Groups: Chinese Society, English Society, Humanities Society, Mathematics Society, Science Society, STEM Society, Commerce Society
  • Interest Groups: Arts Society, Photography Society, Sports Society, Music Society, Animal Care Society, Board Game Society, Gardening Society, Meteorology Society 
  • School Teams: Athletics Team, Badminton Team, Basketball Team, Cross Country Team, Football Team, Handball Team, Swimming Team, Table Tennis Team, Taekwondo Team, Squash Team, Volleyball Team, Indoor Rowing Team, Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Orchestra, Wind Band, English Debating Team, Chinese Debating Team, Folk Dance Team, Chinese Drama Team, English Drama Team

We provide a lot of opportunities for student leaders to plan and carry out their work, which are valuable experiences for their growth. For example, Student Union works independently in organizing the annual election, the inauguration of leaders, inter-class and inter-school activities, etc. 

The annual election of the Student Union cabinet


Online singing contest held by the Student Union

Apart from the Student Union, all the student leaders in ECA units utilize their full potential when they implement different types of activities according to their skills. For example, the Gardening Society provides plantation courses for Jubileans, in order to advance their techniques of planting and raise their awareness of sustainable development.

The planting activities held by the Gardening Society