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Inauguration Ceremony

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The inauguration of our student leaders for the 23-24 school year took place during a special assembly. The event consisted of two sessions: the first session inaugurated the elected student union cabinet, Epiphany, and the chairpersons of school teams and societies. The second session inaugurated our school prefects. Both sessions proceeded smoothly.

During the assembly, Principal Ms. Law, along with head prefects and the previous year's student union (Voyager), delivered inspiring words of encouragement. They called upon our schoolmates to step out of their comfort zones and emphasized the importance of responsible teamwork. The newly inaugurated student leaders expressed their commitment to serving the school humbly.

The inauguration concluded with a symbolic moment as the new student leaders held lit torches, representing the passing on of the spirit of service from their predecessors. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause.

We extend our gratitude to both the outgoing and incoming student leaders for their dedication to our school. We offer our unwavering support and confidence as they embark on their journey of service. Best of luck to them in bringing our school to new heights!