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127th Chen Zhiqin Trophy Competition - Urban Quest

The School's 127th Scout Group recently organized an exciting event called the Chen Zhiqin Trophy Competition - Urban Quest. The competition took place in Hong Kong Island and aimed to challenge the participants' navigation skills, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities while exploring the city's vibrant streets and landmarks.

During the event, students embarked on a thrilling journey through various locations across Hong Kong Island. They were tasked with completing a series of city tracing challenges that put their skills to the test in a real-world setting. The Urban Quest fostered a sense of adventure and discovery among the young scouts.

Participants were divided into small teams, each equipped with a map and a set of clues. They navigated through the bustling streets, visited historical sites, and solved puzzles along the way. The challenges required the students to work together, communicate effectively, and think critically to unravel the clues and reach their destinations.

Throughout the competition, the students showed great enthusiasm, determination, and camaraderie. They had a fantastic time exploring Hong Kong Island in a unique and engaging way. The Urban Quest not only tested their scouting skills but also allowed them to appreciate the city's rich history and cultural heritage.