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Hong Kong Volunteer Award 2022

The Government's Home Affairs and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Agency For Volunteer Service jointly organized the 10th "Hong Kong Volunteer Award". This Hong Kong-wide volunteer election is held every two years, aiming to raise the public's spiritual awareness of volunteer work and promote the continuous and high-quality development of volunteer work. Teachers and students of our school actively participate in volunteer services, which are highly recognized.

Our school won the "Hong Kong Outstanding Volunteer Award - Outstanding Caring School". More than 100 schools in Hong Kong participated in this election, and our school was selected as one of the ten "Outstanding Caring Schools" in Hong Kong. The "Dream Compassioneers" co-founded by our school's former students also won the "Outstanding Youth Volunteer Group" award in Hong Kong. Teachers and students of our school were invited by TV stations, newspapers such as "The Standard" and other media to visit. The "Hong Kong Volunteer Award" ceremony was held at the exhibition center, officiated by the Chief Secretary for Administration and others, and reported by dozens of media at home and abroad. The teachers and students of our school have been affirmed and encouraged. They will continue to practice the school motto "I was not born for myself alone" and actively serve the society.