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F.6 Farewell Assembly

After six years, many achievements, and countless invaluable experiences, it is time to bid farewell to our beloved Form 6 schoolmates in the Farewell Assembly on 6th March.

As a part of our school’s tradition, during the assembly, our Form 6 schoolmates presented to us their tear-provoking vlogs which encapsulates their school life in the past years and their cherished memories as a class. Some included humorous moments among friends, some included many heartwarming moments of unity, and many had included a whole montage of group photos. We were all moved when we listened to the sharing of our Form 6 schoolmates on stage, as they emotionally thanked many of their teachers for the past years of education and expressed how supported they felt from them.

Afterwards, we also watched a video from the Guidance Committee, in which many present and former BHJS teachers showed their heartfelt encouragement to our Form 6 schoolmates and echoed the message of perseverance, self-confidence and resilience toward the upcoming DSEs. Our assistant principal, Mr. Lau also gave a motivational speech on stage near the end of the assembly. He gave us inspiring words about ‘progressing with modesty’, and to always move ‘onwards and upwards’. He also encouraged everyone to cherish their time at school. Finally, representatives of the Parent-Teacher Association handed-out their gifts to our Form 6 schoolmates, showing their appreciation and support at their final stretch before the DSEs.

We thank Principal Ms. Law, the Parent-Teacher Association, the Guidance Committee and our teachers for preparing this memorable farewell assembly, and we also would like to express our gratitude to our Form 6 schoolmates for their past contributions and memories they had created for our school. We wish the best of luck to our Form 6 schoolmates in their future endeavors, and we hope to hear good news from them in the near future! Good luck on the DSEs!