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Student Union election

The 2022-2023 Student Union election was successfully held on September 8th, 2022! We had two proposed cabinets running for the SU election this year. They were Voyager (旖旎閣) and Luminescent(繁曦閣). Due to the special summer holiday this year, the two cabinets only had around three weeks to prepare for the SU election. Yet, they have done an amazing job! As mentioned by Our Principal, Ms. Law, the two cabinets have tried their best to write their election manifesto and plan student activities. We really appreciate all their effort!

Yesterday, the 7th of September,  Form 1 to form 4 students sat in the school hall and actively participated in the SU Consultation Forum by posing questions to the candidates. Despite facing challenging questions during the consultation, the two cabinets answered all the questions very well and explained their policies so clearly that they received a big round of applause from the crowd. Despite rivalry, the two cabinets share the same passion for serving the school, which is worthy of support. The SU Consultation ended with a fantastic closing speech made by the two cabinets and the appreciation from Mr. Choi Kam Yuen, teacher-in-charge of the Student Union. He admired the hard work and dedication of Voyager and Luminescent.

And now for the result of the election: Voyager gained 63% of support whereas 37% of students voted for Luminescent.

Congratulations, Voyager! We wish you a fruitful year ahead serving Jubileans in the capacity of the Student Union!  Also, a big thank you to all schoolmates for your keen participation and support! Jubileans, let’s unite and together create a better BHJS!