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2023 Gospel Month

The 2023 Gospel Month, held in December under the theme "Rediscover" to deepen students' understanding and connection with God, has successfully concluded with a variety of activities.

The kick-off ceremony marked the beginning of the Gospel Month, followed by morning greetings to create a spiritually enriching environment. The religious book fair allowed students to explore various Christian books while the gospel board games and workshops provided diverse opportunities to explore faith. To foster reflection and connection with the Word of God, gospel morning reading was conducted.

In the second week, our principal shared her testimony highlighting the power of faith in her life journey and Reverend Cheung introduced an engaging fictional book with profound spiritual messages. During the encounter with God activity, students experienced mindful and reflective moments. Finally, CU teachers and students visited an elderly centre to spread warmth and blessings for Christmas carolling.

Concerning the final week, prayer corners became cherished spaces where students sought blessings in prayers and wrote blessing papers for family and friends to be posted on the BHJS Blessing Boards. Moreover, teachers and students were also greeted by beautiful hymns accompanied by relevant Bible scriptures in the morning.

Following the praise and worship assembly and evangelistic meeting on December 5 and 14, students shared their thoughts through written feedback. Accordingly, 32 students made a commitment to follow Jesus, 37 students expressed a desire for further understanding and 69 students conveyed their willingness to engage in gospel activities.

With gratitude, we bid farewell to the 2023 Gospel Month, knowing that its impact will continue to resonate within us.