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Book Fair

The Helen Wong Hall at BHJS was filled with an exciting and scholarly atmosphere during our annual Book Fair from February 21st to 24th. Students received a $20 book coupon and enjoyed exclusive discounts, encouraging a love for reading.

The hall buzzed with students throughout the day, exploring the vast selection of books. From fiction to translated Japanese novels, reference books to Chinese classics, self-help books to economics, and even arts and crafts, there was something for everyone. A table showcasing recommended books from teachers and schoolmates attracted eager students, curious to see the favorites chosen by our finest "critics."

The Book Fair attracted not only students but also teachers. Chinese and English teachers brought their classes to the fair during lesson time, ensuring all students had the opportunity to explore the wide variety of books. During recess and after school, students returned with friends, leisurely browsing through each book cover. On the last day (February 24th), the fair coincided with the F1 - F5 Parent's Day, drawing in many parents. Reference books became popular bestsellers on that day! Additionally, Dr. Jackei Wong conducted an author's talk on ChatGPT & AI Generated Content, which F.3E attended on February 22nd, 2024.

We extend our gratitude to Principal Law, Assistant Principal Lau, the Library Ambassadors, and all participating school staff for their contributions to the successful event. We eagerly look forward to another fantastic Book Fair next school year!