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Joint-School Fellowship

On 8th March, a momentous joint-school fellowship gathering between our school and Holy Trinity Church Secondary School took place. It was an event that brought immense joy, fostered unity, and created a deep sense of community among all participants.

The gathering held profound significance as it provided a unique platform to promote the gospel work and spiritual growth between our schools. We were truly honored to have the esteemed presence and unwavering support of our principal, Revd Lee, and Revd Cheung throughout the fellowship, adding a spiritual essence to the atmosphere.


Our primary focus during this fellowship was to ensure that the students and teachers from Holy Trinity Church Secondary School felt the warm embrace and hospitality of our school community. The genuine reception and inclusivity exhibited by our students touched our hearts, reflecting the spirit of unity and camaraderie that lies at the core of our school's values.

The collaboration between our schools has forged enduring memories and reinforced our commitment to the principles we hold dear.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our students for their active participation and wholehearted engagement throughout the fellowship. Their unwavering enthusiasm and openness made the event a dynamic and spiritually enriching experience for everyone involved.


May the inaugural joint-school fellowship gathering serve as a catalyst, igniting an enduring spirit of collaboration that inspires us to embrace future opportunities for unity and personal growth within our school community.