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PTA BBQ Reunion Event

On January 20, 2024 (Saturday), The PTA held a barbecue reunion event on Saturday, 20th January 2024, which attracted over 100 teachers, students, and parents to come together and enjoy a day filled with laughter and delicious food. The venue was bustling with excitement as The PTA set up various stalls and tables for participants to sample a variety of tasty barbecued dishes, chicken wings, meat skewers, and so on.

At the event, everyone not only enjoyed the food but also had the opportunity to hang out and chat with each other. It was a fantastic chance for teachers and students to forge closer friendships. Along with the delicious food, the PTA organised enjoyable activities like making mosaic crafts, which allowed us to connect through art and communication. The handicrafts added a wonderful and joyful vibe to the entire event. We had an amazing time hanging out, indulging in tasty food, and experiencing the warmth and happiness of being together.

This barbecue reunion event created an unforgettable moment for teachers, students, parents, and all PTA members. We all came together for a day filled with joy and unity, strengthening our relationships. The event not only offered the pleasure of savouring delicious food but also promoted communication, friendship, and the creation of cherished memories for our BHJS community.