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What a way to start off March! On 1st March, F1-F5 students set off for the green landscapes of Mother Nature, including places such as Bride's Pool Country Park and Tai Tam Country Park, for the school picnic. We all made the best of this event to take a well deserved breather from schoolwork and create long-lasting memories of our time together with friends.

Although the weather is not necessarily the best, with gloomy clouds overhanging and the occasional droplets of rain, the cold-ish temperature makes it the perfect time for a nice warm barbecue (if they are successful in lighting the charcoal that is)! Most students arrived at school that morning with their big bag of charcoal, barbecue forks, honey, chicken wings, marshmallows and all other types of mouth-watering barbecue foods! Although carrying the coal and food to the rural picnic site sure was a strenuous task, our hard work was rewarded with full bellies at the end of the day. While resting their barbecue forks on the edge of the stone stove, barbecue-mates all gave each other an important memo: be careful to cook the meat thoroughly, don’t get food poisoning!

Not only did we have a special meal, we also found great enjoyment in having fun with form-mates after having our fill. We saw many sporty students bringing along their football, badminton rackets and frisbees with them to the picnic ground. They broke out the fun after lunch, found a clear space on the green and started their captivating match. Other students, meanwhile, took a meaningful hike into the mountains around them with classmates and teachers, fully taking in the natural scenery and had their much needed moment of escape from the face-paced city for a while.

This event provided us all a valuable opportunity to take a rest and gave us some good memories to look back on. We thank Principal Law and all teachers involved for their organization, care and their much appreciated company. May we remember the happiness we experienced from the school picnic and look forward to the next one!